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25 April 2014 @ 02:08 am
will be updated fully over the next few days. yep.

hear me roarCollapse )
25 April 2012 @ 09:48 pm
TITLE: but still, like dust, i'll rise
FANDOM: the vampire diaries 
RATING: pg-13
CHARACTERS: katherine pierce, elijah, damon salvatore, katherine/elijah, katherine/damon
SUMMARY: she will not die. not today.

she has no desire to die.Collapse )


(a/n: sorry this took so long. lj is a bitch to format, and i'm trying to make a new archive here anyway. so don't mind me for the ugly this place is going to turn to.)

He does not move to stop her when she glides past him, her fingers barely skimming against the fabric of his sleeve.Collapse )

Title: here is the deepest secret nobody knows
Author: duca_valentino
Pairings: klaus/rebekah, klaus/caroline rebekah/stefan
Warning: vague hints of incest. they are originals, after all.
Rating: pg-13
Spoilers: spoilers through 3.11. also spoilers for possible new originals.
Word Count: 9376
Disclaimer: none of this is mine. nope. none of it.

A/N: first fic on this journal thingy. feedback is totally and completely welcome. in fact, i would kill for it.

This family is a cage.Collapse )